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Textures in Watercolor

Textures in Watercolor

Creating Textures in Watercolor by Beth Mcrorie

Texture in watercolor
can add both depth and drama..and they are fun, too! The textures shown
here are all done in prussian blue. If you are going to use one of
these texture, practice first on a small scrap of paper. Different
colors will react differently to the techniques. Try experiementing with
laying several colors together. (Please forgive my blue thumb in the

Lay down a wash and let it sit a bit, but don’t let it get too dry. Then use either a paper towels or tissue.
Great for clouds!

Lay down a wash where you want fur, then quickly add a few
strokes of darker paint. Let dry a bit, then add a few more strokes.
Then when almost dry, a few more. This greats the illusion of soft fur
with some depth.

Lace can make a wonderful stencil! Use a gentle dry brush or spray with tooth brush as shown here.

Lay on a wash, and allow to dry. Use the sharp point of a razor or other instrument and gently scratch.

Tap a loaded brush against your hand to create a splatter affect

On dry paper

On wet paper.

Use a toothbrush and pull your thumb across the top to create spray.

On dry paper

On wet paper

Lay on a wash and put down wax paper where you want the texture. Great for stone walls!

Use a natural sponge. Good for marble and many other textures.

Lay down wash and allow to dry a bit. Use a brush loaded
with water and brush it where you want the texture. Then use a paper
towl to lift up the paint.

Lay down a wash and allow to dry completely. Then use sand paper to create texture.

Lay out a wash. The texture will be different depending on
the type of salt and how wet the wash is. Larger salt crystals will
create larger white areas. The dryer the wash the lighter the texture
will be. But don’t let it get too dry or it won’t show up at all.

Kosher Salt

Table Salt

Dry brush using a fan brush make lovely wood grains.

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