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Johan Laurentz Jensen

See the influence in Holland flower painting Danish Johan Laurentz Jensen


Johan Laurentz Jensen (Danish, 1800-1856) Danish painting of the Golden Age reflected a merchant society atease with itself and a renewed sense of national consciousness expressed through art. While numerous painters found inspiration in landscape or shipping scenes,

Johan Jensen carved out a niche for himself as a flower painter. A common thread linking these various genres was the strong influence of Dutch art of the 17th century, which reflected similar bourgeois values of domesticity, thrift, national pride, and which in Danish art translated into a ratherbiedermeier aesthetic, which was particularly evident in the numerous paintings of interiors. Jensen’s flower paintings were in many ways extensions of the latter, featuring potted plants, baskets, vases and other domestic accessories. Devices such as the use of marble ledges and Jensen’s extreme precision show that he was clearly inspired by Dutch and Flemish floral still-life painting by artists such as Jan van Huysum, which the artist had the opportunity to study in the Royal Collection. But to this formula, Jensen added his own touch, notably a very geometric structure, a strong sense of plasticity and, above all, a fascination with new and exotic fruits and flowers, which were largely unknown to his audience.






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